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Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK)

Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK)

10% Equity

Kumpulan Ladang-Ladang Perbadanan Kedah Sdn Bhd (KLPK) is the plantation and agribusiness arm of the Kedah State Economic Development Corporation (KSEDC). The company is involved in rubber and oil palm plantation management, cultivation, rubber processing and downstream activities, agricultural and livestock businesses, as well as organic fertilizer production.

With a land bank totalling 8,444.15 hectares, out of which 3,277.22 hectares were planted with rubber and 5,166.93 hectares with oil palm, the company spans all over the Kedah state in Malaysia. Presently, the operations oversee the management of twelve estates and eight Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

Rubber as the main crop covers 71% of the planted area with oil palm covering 29%. KLPK’s quest to increase productivity is made successful with the implementation of good agricultural practices by the management team, the use of high quality planting materials and the leverage on expert agronomic advice from its esteemed research and development associate.

Processing of the Natural Rubber is carried out at PKNK’s own mill, Kilang Hevea Bukit Perak. KLPK also operates two downstream manufacturing facilities-turning EFB and wastes into organic fertilizer and the production of animal feed especially for cattle. The downstream activities are further value-added by focusing on environmental friendly produce, especially the soil treatment and agricultural support, with the Group’s bio-organic fertilizer business and product innovation such as rain shade for rubber tree.

KLPK is also a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) conscious company. The company is actively involved in social activities that can foster good relationship with local communities and at the same time caring for the environment.

Joint Venture Mode with Pakar B2E

  • Land provider
  • Biomass provider (BAMBOO/EFB / RICE HUSK & STRAW)
  • Mediator with local governance/ populace
  • Use biochar as fertilizer enhancer in large scale testing
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