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Pakar B2E Sdn Bhd comprises of 3 parties namely Tex Cycle Sdn Bhd, Pakar Go Green Sdn Bhd and KLPK Niaga Sdn Bhd. The roles and responsibilities of each party are as follows:

  • Tex Cycle Sdn Bhd will provide and operate the technology required to operate the project as well as manage on business administration.
  • Pakar Go Green Sdn Bhd will promote, market and secure buyers for products generated from the project. PGG will also explore new products generated through research and development of the by-products.
  • KLPK Niaga Sdn Bhd will secure and facilitate the relevant agreement with regards to land and relevant authorities for the licenses of the project. KLPK will also explore and secure bamboo plantations as a potential fuel source for the project in the long term.

Creating High Impacts

While adding value to empower the community that we serve specifically in the area of human wellbeing, this project will result in the profitability and growth of the economy, be it for the stakeholders which will generate sales, or for the society (agro communities, youth and B40 communities) through the direct and in-direct job creations which will arise from this business.

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