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Bamboo Vinegar is a concentrated reddish brown liquid derived from condensing the water volatile organics during gasification of bamboo residues.

It is 100% organic pure liquid that acts as 6 in 1 product, which can promote human health, boost germination and plant growth, insect and pest repellent, weedkiller and deodorizer for animal farms.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Enhance digestion, bowel movement, liver, peptic ulcer, oral health, remedy for infections and wound, etc.
  • As a natural plant-derived pest repellent especially for leaf-eating and tree-damaging caterpillar.
  • As a weed/unwanted plant killer on various plant
  • Plant germination/growth enhancer
  • Deodorizer for animal farms
  • Suitable for indoor gardening, outdoor farming, and animal farms.


Our power plant produces 2-in-1 products: Renewable Power & Biochar

  1. Non-reactive Carbon (Biochar)
  2. Vinegar (Bio-oil)
Malaysia bamboo products
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