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Creation of High Impacts

While adding value to empower the community that we serve specifically in the area of human wellbeing, this project will result in the profitability and growth of the economy, be it for the stakeholders which will generate sales, or for the society (agro communities, youth and B40 communities) through the direct and in-direct job creations which will arise from this business.


  • Promote the usage of clean innovative system (gasifier) – gasifier system reduces air pollution via clean gas emission compared to incinerator.
  • Promote renewable energy (RE) generation – bamboo as feed input reduces carbon emission than the coal.
  • Biochar as energy source reduces 80% carbon emission than the coal.
  • Biochar as soil enhancer reduces 10-40% of GHG in the soil.
  • Bio-oil as soil enhancer reduces 35-80% of GHG emission in the soil.


  • Create 200 new jobs in the bamboo supply chain.
  • Provide working opportunity by creation of 4 new jobs for youth empowerment (fresh graduates) and 11 new jobs for rural community.
  • New income generated annually to the stakeholders through supplying RE power and selling by-products.
  • Promote the development of bamboo industry.
  • Promote the development of logistic service via transportation of raw bamboo and biochar products.
  • Support the additional power demand by providing electricity to Gurun area.
  • Generate economic growth within the business value chain i.e. land owner, bamboo supplier, logistic provider as well as biochar traders.
  • Generate new economic growth within the Northern Corridor Economic Region.


  • Promote high tech-based innovation to the community as innovative way of producing biochar.
  • Provide working opportunity to the rural community to work in the factory and bamboo plantation.
  • Promote youth’s involvement in high tech new business (gasifier operation) that can enhance their creativity skills.
  • Mitigate youth’s migration to urban area by offering new jobs in Gurun, Kedah in RE plant manufacturing.
  • Improve society’s health by enhancing air quality (cleaner emission) and enhancing food quality (promote organic crops and reduce chemical fertilizer as well as pesticide).
  • Increase food security by increasing crops productivity via biochar usage.
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